Darwen Tower poem

Poem in Darwen dialect available in cafe      no charge
Will be available online soon
Queen Victoria sat upon her throne deawn yon in London teawn.
For 50 yearhood keawred theear , and wi pride hood worn her creawn.
To us up here in Lancashire hoo hed been a decent lass,
So wi thowt as heaw her jubilee, why would she'nd let id pass,
Beawt some sooart o recognition, so wi pondered monny an heawr,
'Till one mon geet a breet idea, and he said "Wod abeawt a teawr?"
So a committee geet their heyds together, and they decided one and all,
Thad it should'nd be a small un, but one magnificent and tall,
This is the first of 6 verses the full poem is available free at the cafe please ask at the counter for the full poem. Alternatively it can be emailed by request.

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